Supercraft Contracting LLC

Electrical Contracting

Supply, Laying, Termination and testing of LV and MV cables. Modification of existing Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Equipment.
Design and Construction of electrical substations, cable route and electrical manholes comply with authority regulations. Supply, install, test and commission of various rating oil immersed and dry type power and distribution transformers.
Design, Supply, Install and Commission of Substation earthing and lightening protection system.
Energy audit and provide the best solutions to reduce the energy consumption and power quality improvement.

DEWA and DM Approved Contactor
Design, Obtain Approvals and Execution of Electrical Contracting Projects and Consultancy Services.
Design, Supply, Install Test and Commission of low voltage and medium voltage, electrical equipment and its periodical maintenance to avoid downtime and shutdowns.

Execution of Electrical Containment Systems, Lighting protection, Earthing systems, resistor packs, Tyristor controllers and Energy saving equipments.