Supercraft Contracting LLC

Tiling & Painting


Surface Preparation:

  • Cleaning and leveling the surface to ensure proper tile adhesion.
  • Removal of old tiles, if necessary.

Tile Selection and Design:

  • Choosing tile type, size, color, and pattern.
  • Planning tile layout for aesthetic appeal and symmetry.

Materials and Tools:

  • List of required materials: tiles, adhesive, grout, spacers.
  • Tools needed: trowel, tile cutter, level, rubber mallet.

Installation Process:

  • Applying adhesive and placing tiles, following the planned layout.
  • Ensuring uniform spacing with spacers.
  • Cutting tiles for edges and corners.
  • Allowing adhesive to set before grouting.

Grouting and Finishing:

  • Applying grout between tiles, smoothing and cleaning excess.
  • Sealing grout lines to prevent moisture penetration.
  • Wiping tiles to remove any grout haze.

Curing and Maintenance:

  • Allowing sufficient time for tiles and grout to cure.
  • Providing guidelines for cleaning and maintenance.


Surface Preparation:

  • Cleaning walls, patching holes, and sanding rough areas.
  • Priming surfaces to promote paint adhesion.


  • Regular updates on progress and any adjustments to the plan.
  • Open channel for client input and feedback.

Paint Selection:

  • Choosing paint type (latex, oil-based), finish (matte, semi-gloss), and color.
  • Considering color schemes and room lighting.

Painting Process:

  • Cutting in edges with brushes and using rollers for larger areas.
  • Applying multiple coats for even coverage and depth of color.
  • Allowing proper drying time between coats.

Finishing Touches:

  • Removing painter’s tape before paint is completely dry.
  • Touching up any uneven spots or imperfections.